Paper Presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the audience.They see the way you present your topic, the way you put your points, your presentation style, your language and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.

Rules and Regulations

1.Students of B.Tech/B.E/MBA/M.Tech of any Engineering College in India can participate in this National Technical Paper Presentation Contest
2.Maximum of two authors per paper
3.Send soft copy of the Full paper to concerned department e-mail address in prescribed format. (Example:IT Branch Students have to send papers to
4.Paper should be unpublished document in MS-Word format (*.docx,*.doc) only.
5.Full Paper format should be one and a half line spacing,using 12 Points Times New Roman font.Paper should not exceed 8 pages including tables,figures and bibliography
6.Send your college details along with your email ids and phone numbers of both the participants for processing and selection of paper,else your paper may not be considered.
7.Participants can submit one paper on a topic to only one department.
8.After receiving acceptance mail,the candidate should confirm his/her registration through mail with their travel plan.
9.Participants selected for paper presentation has to pay the Registration Fee Rs.300/- (cash) on the day of paper contest (13-02-17).
10.Participants are requested to bring two hard copies of the selected paper and authorization letter/bonafied certificate from department/Institution without fail.
11.Breakfast,Lunch,Certificate and Participation kit will be provided for authors who are registered and attended.
12.Local hospitality will be provided on first come first serve request basis through mail/phone.
13.Attractive cash prizes will be awarded for first two best papers.
14.For any further information,contact Faculty Coordinator/Student Coordinator of the concerned department.
Important Dates:
Last Date For submission of papers : 08-02-2017
Intimation of selected Papers : 09-02-2017
Date of Confirmation : 10-02-2017
Date of Paper Contest : 13-02-2017


Paper Presentation Topics:
1.Structural Engineering/Earthquake Engineering
2.Concrete Technology
3.Geotechnical Engineering
4.Remote Sensing & GIS
5.Transportation Engineering
6.Hydrology and Irrigation
7.Environmental Engineering
8.Construction Management

Faculty Coordinator : Mr.V.Sainath
Papers receiving Mail:
Contact No : 8919868530
Student Coordinator : Mr.S.Poorna Sai
Contact No : 9848006690


Paper Presentation Topics:
1.Power System Operation and Control
2.Micro Grids
3.Renewable Energy Sources
4.Control of Electric Drives
5.Control Systems
6.Application of IOTs to Power Systems
7.Soft Computing Techniques for Electrical Engineering Problems

Faculty Coordinator : Dr.I.Satish Kumar
Papers receiving Mail:
Contact No : 9581371537
Student Coordinator : Mr.P.Jagan Mohan
Contact No : 8500165543


Paper Presentation Areas:
1.Thermal Engineering
2.Materials and Manufacturing
3.Machine Design
4.Industrial Engineering

Faculty Coordinator : Mr.T.Naga Raju
Papers receiving Mail :
Contact No : 9866117962
Student Coordinator : Mr.B.V.Ravi Teja
Contact No : 9493695191


Paper Presentation Topics:
1.VLSI and Embedded Systems
2.Signal Processing
3.Wireless and Mobile Communication
4.RF & Microwave Engineering
5.MEMS and Nanotechnology
7.Modern Technologies
Faculty Coordinator : Mr.G.Rama Krishna
Papers receiving Mail :
Contact No : 9908760019
Student Coordinator : Mr.T.B.Naga Venkatesh
Contact No : 7989133977


Paper Presentation Topics:
1.Image processing
2.Big Data
3.Networks & Security
4.Cloud Computing
5.Software Engineering
6.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
7.Any Others topics on emerging Technologies

Faculty Coordinator : Mr.G.Vijayadeep
Papers receiving Mail :
Contact No : 9030561156
Student Coordinator : K.Venkata Prasanth
Contact No : 8297104910


Paper Presentation Topics:
1.Bioinformatics & Biometrics
2.Data Mining/Data Ware Housing/Big Data & Analytics
3.Electronic &Mobile Commerce
4.Grid/Cloud/Pervasive Computing
5.Internet of Things (IoT)
6.Network Security/ Cryptography.
7.Mobile &Wearable Technologies
8.Any other topics on Emerging Technologies

Faculty Coordinator : Mr.T.K.K.Praneeth
Papers receiving Mail :
Contact No : 9885053541
Student Coordinator : Mr.V.Santosh Raju
Contact No : 9493765125


Paper Presentation Topics:
1.Emerging Trends in Marketing
2.Emerging Trends in Finance
3.Emerging Trends in HR
Faculty Coordinator : Mrs.S.Madhavi
Papers receiving Mail:
Contact No : 9030375263
Student Coordinator : Mr.T.Ravi Kumar
Contact No : 8142842996


Registration fee 300/- per team