Fun Magic

By Chokkapu Venkata Ramana

Magic Chaplin Chokkapu Venkata Ramana Being creative magician, a children's writer, a journalist, a personality development trainer, a unique children's event organizer and a social worker, CHOKKAPU VENKATA RAMANA is not just a person but he is an organization by himself. After working for 18 years with Andhra Pradesh Baalala Acadmey (Jawahar Bala Bhavan) as a Editor for children's publications, he found that the best way to explore children is through Entertainment. The result he found himself as an entertainer within no time. He started to entertain not only children but focussed on aged people too. He started spending a certain amount on them for their welfare from his earnings. He is now running an organization VOOYALA COMMUNICATIONS for the youth training and guiding them to building their career. He is the chairman of MAGIC FUN SKOOL that is actively involved in boosting creativity in children through workshops and summer fun camps. All of his 75 books will speak his own language of EDUCATING THROUGH ENTERTAINMENT. He is president of BAALA SAHITHYA PARISHAD - introduced by DASARI VENKATA RAMANA



By Sri Imitation Raju

Bhaviri Ravi is one of the most talented Mimicry Artistes of the Telugu Continent and entertained Telugu People spread in different Continents of the world for more than three Decades.


Telugu Cine Lyrist

By Sri Vanamali

Vanamali is a Telugu lyricist and poet. He is the recipient of the prestigious Filmfare Best Lyricist Award. His works include the musical hit "Arerey from Happy Days". He took up writing seriously while he was in his degree final year. He never had any ambitions of taking up any form of art seriously and it was the emphasis of his parents on education right from the childhood that made him a voracious reader and motivated him to go ahead with education. He wrote his first composition which was sung by Vijayalaksmi Sarma in a program in Doordarshan. He has worked closely with musical maestros such as Harris Jayaraj, A. R. Rahman and Ilaiyaraaja.


Saxaphone Music

By Dr. Kadri Gopalnath

Dr. Kadri Gopalnath (born 11 December 1949) is an Indian saxophonist and one of the pioneers of Carnatic music on the saxophone. Gopalnath had to make certain modifications to the conventional alto saxophone to play Carnatic music. So successful has this adaptation been that the great musician Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, the doyen of Carnatic music, has acknowledged Kadri Gopalnath as a true Carnatic music genius. Gopalnath learned to play the instrument under Gopalkrishna Iyer of Kalaniketana, Mangalore.


Classical Dance

By Dr. Sruthakeerthi

'Srutha Kirthy is acclaimed as a rare combination of dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, TV journalist and compeer. Giving the modern touch without disturbing the traditional fabric of the Kuchipudi dance form. Acted as a compere for about 500 cultural, social, corporate events organized in india and abroad participated by the internationally renownwed dignitaries including the prime minister MANMOHAN SINGH.


Comedy Skits

By P.Ananth & Team

Ananth Babu Punyamurthula (born Punyamurthula Ananth) and known by his screen name Ananth Babu is an Indian film actor and comedian, known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema